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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wisbech go racing to next round

Racing club Warwick 0 Wisbech Town 1

Glorious! An incident free journey with no delays, even the 30 deep queues for the ticket barriers at Kings Cross were for an area where I wasn't going. Before you get too excited, the reason I was in Warwick at all was because there was a replacement bus service between Southampton & Bournemouth. Bournemouth was my original choice of came & I quite frankly, couldn't be bothered with the hassle.

I had a sausage and chips at a chippy near Warwick station. Eatable, but not the greatest I've ever eaten. I was looking forward to seeing Warwick castle and imagined it would stand majestically at the top of a hill. Despite passing the entrance to the castle grounds, I never laid eyes on it. Some interesting arches and architecture throughout the town made up for this and every other shop seemed to be selling castle souvenirs. 

Racing club Warwick's ground is unsurprisingly, right next to the racecourse. On a race day, the thunder of hooves are right behind you if you stand at the far side of the pitch. A model plane was buzzing around the sky, it's operator somewhere in the middle of the course. It's funny how a simple thing like that reminds you of something that you hadn't thought about for over 30 years. I went to school with a friend who built and flew model planes. He spent months and months getting one ready to fly. He went to the local playing fields and 10 minutes in to its maiden flight, flew it into a rugby post and the plane shattered into about 20 pieces. How I didn't laugh at the time, I'll never know!

A bit of a ramshackle ground with a boxing club backing on to it. The sea cadets and scouts also seem to have a presence. Cover along part of both sides with bits and pieces of seating within. The clubhouse was not at all bad with one of the better quality giant screens I've seen on my travels. There seems to be an ongoing dispute between the club and the council which is putting the future of the club in doubt - A sad but ever more common occurrence.

The programmes arrived about 2:30pm & the Wisbech fans were absolutely up in arm about a spelling error on the cover of the prograame calling them Wisbeach. A simple typo I suspect and not really worth all the clubhouse hysteria.

Wisbech started the stronger and the first half hour was reasonably entertaining. The goal came on 25 mins. A long kick down the left was collected, the cross reached the far post and was thumped into the roof of the net. The game deteriorated in the second half with several stoppages and the ball seeming to take an eternity to return when kicked out of play. Warwick were arguably on top during this period although Wisbech still had the better chances. No more goals or near misses and Wisbech just about deserved to win.

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